About St. Kevin's Community College

St. Kevin’s Community College is a high achieving and welcoming school with all-round attainment. We place an emphasis on caring and traditional values, yet are forward thinking in our outlook.

St. Kevin’s Community College, Dunlavin has a long and proud tradition of academic excellence. The College opened its doors to students in September 1966. We are a co-educational, multi-denominational school, operating under the aegis of the KWETB (Kildare & Wicklow Education and Training Board). The student cohort is evenly balanced between boys and girls.


The atmosphere in St. Kevin’s is warm, friendly, and positive. We expect the highest standards in terms of behaviour, application to studies and extra-curricular activities and inter-personal relationships. The College maintains a consistent code of behaviour with emphasis on work, mutual respect for all members of the school community, punctuality, attendance and neatness of dress.

Our desire is to assist students to develop to their full potential, morally, academically and socially. We want our students to develop their talents to the full so that on leaving our College at the end of their second level education they will be more confident, responsible and creative individuals with a balanced and caring perspective on life.

As a long established school, we have roots extending widely and deeply into the community we serve. We are fortunate in the enthusiastic support we receive from the Parents’ Council, Board of Management and local community.

State of the Art Facilities

St. Kevin’s offers a wide range of state of the art facilities including Computer Rooms, Gymnasium, Fitness Room, Sports Courts, spacious and well facilitated practical rooms and Science Laboratories and a new library.

ICT facilities are modern and available to enhance the learning environment for students. They include Wi-Fi, Broad Band, ICT in all classrooms, e-portal and a Cloud Computing system.

The School Canteen provides a cafeteria service during lunch times, offering a range of hot and cold meals and snacks at a reasonable price. The canteen provides a breakfast service from 8.30 am. to 8.50 am. Students wishing to bring their own food may eat it in the canteen.

A Book Rental Scheme is in operation at St. Kevin’s and helps to defray the annual cost of school books.