Junior Cycle Examination Results

Results for the Junior Cycle Examinations will be available from the school from 12.40 on Friday 3rd October. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend the presentation of results which will take place in the Gym at this time.

Where parental permission has been provided students may finish classes for the day at 13.15. In these circumstances parents are asked to ensure that the proper signing out procedures are followed. Please see below.

  • A note indicating that the student will be collected at this time should be provided to the class tutor in morning tutorial.

  • This note will be signed by the class tutor. and returned to the student.

  • Following the issue of results the note should be presented to the Principal or Deputy Principal who will note the departure and record this on the attendance management system.

  • Students will only be excused from school where they are being collected, from the school, by a parent or other adult identified in the note from parents.

  • All students are welcome to stay in school until 15.55, the normal school finishing time.

  • Failure to sign out in this way will be in breach of the school code of behaviour.